Knowledge Mapping System

The Software to Harness Your Knowledge

Knowledge can be lost, forgotten, or mistaken. A Knowledge Map records and organizes the collective knowledge within an organization so that it can be transformed into usable content.

All Roads’ proprietary Knowledge Mapping System (KMS) facilitates and enhances the knowledge transfer process, which historically has been one of the greatest challenges in business. The KMS is a web-based, collaborative tool that enables businesses to manage purposeful knowledge transfer between stakeholders.

How It Works

Document, Organize, Categorize

You and your executive team can use the KMS to document the key knowledge across your business that both internal and external stakeholders require. All Knowledge Maps begin with a template based on common business operations. As we continue mapping, we’ll move beyond the template to customize your map for your business. Once all the relevant knowledge from every corner of your company has been recorded, this forms your knowledge base.


From there, you can use the KMS to manage your knowledge base on an ongoing basis, adding, editing or removing knowledge as the organization shifts and grows. You can organize knowledge concepts — knowledge broken down into digestible core ideas — into categories and subcategories, add notes or attachments, and classify them with custom tagging. Concepts can be edited, dragged into new positions, and filtered into views based on their tags.


We use the KMS to identify knowledge gaps and opportunities in your organization. Then, we can convert this knowledge into a plan and curriculum — the roots of each program we deliver. The KMS is the key tool to put your knowledge to work for both internal and external stakeholder audiences in a measurable and sustainable way.

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The KMS is Ideal For…

Business Owners, CEOs, and Presidents

  • Put your best asset into play: Turn your knowledge into an asset — a tangible aspect of the business that can be valued in a sale.
  • Get the most value from your employees: You’re investing in your best people; extract their knowledge and solidify it as an asset of your business with the KMS.
  • Streamline, standardize, and organize: Turn your knowledge into programs that ensure your employees know the right stuff and do the right stuff.
  • Plan your succession: Before you retire, document what you know and have learned over the years to support the next generation.

VPs and Executive Leadership Staff

  • Delegate and elevate: Get your knowledge into the right hands so that other people can help.
  • Drive goals: Ensure everyone knows where you’re heading and what they need to do to help get there.
  • Create efficiencies: Break down silos and move information efficiently and consistently between departments and teams.
  • Leverage insights: Better understand your customers and how your organization is communicating with them (or not!). Uncover new opportunities to reach customers in a meaningful and highly targeted way.

Marketing Professionals

  • Facilitate better decision-making: Have access to the information required to make better decisions.
  • Fuel new marketing initiatives: Create substantial, relevant thought leadership content to fuel your marketing programs (think: website, blog, social media, advertorials, trade show, and more!).
  • Access more resources: Gain access to information from key people and areas of the organization that were previously inaccessible.
  • Demonstrate value: BCreate clear links between marketing programs and company goals.


  • Delegate and elevate: Document and prioritize the information that makes your processes and team run optimally.
  • Drive goals: Flag and prioritize knowledge that needs to be better transferred to expedite onboarding and improve employee efficiency.
  • Create efficiencies: Have the ability to search for knowledge and get answers without needing to schedule another meeting.

Software Key Features

  • Exclusive Access to Custom Map
  • Categories and Subcategories
  • Customized Tagging
  • Document Attachments
  • CMS Functionality
  • Multiple Users
  • Notes and Comments
  • Filter Views
  • Revision Log
  • Drag and Drop Sorting
“Every CEO and departmental head NEEDS to adopt this tool as a daily resource. Knowledge mapping is above task and team management: it is the core role of a CEO.”
Larry Hart,
President, CEO Tribe

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