Why Gamification for Prospects and Customers?

Educated customers are far more likely to remain loyal long-term and increase purchases.1 But how do you educate them? Gamification – the incorporation of game-like elements (such as point scoring) into traditionally non-game activities – promotes knowledge transfer, helping them to engage with your content and absorb the knowledge they need. Fully informed prospects are motivated to convert. Fully educated customers are purchase more, offer repeat business, evangelize, and refer.

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Gamified Education Engages Prospects & Customers

Meet Your Clients
Where They Are

87% of retailers plan to use gamification to engage with clients in the next five years.2

Deliver Exceptional Service At a Fraction of the Cost

Call center support can cost between $6 and $12 per call – or more. A customer portal can cost less than 10 cents to support.3

Boost Revenue

42% of leading companies report that online learning has boosted revenues.4

The All Roads team did a fantastic job delivering a solid differentiation strategy that boosted our sales in the Atlanta home renovation market. With our Customer Engagement portal, we eliminate the ambiguity and dysfunction typically associated with the home remodelling process. All Roads’ “education first” philosophy resonates with our target audience. We’re differentiated in an industry that traditionally puts selling first and because of that, we’re able to build lasting relationships with select clients in the greater Atlanta metropolitan area. Greg Rand,
Owner, Elementz

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