What Will You Learn?

In the Knowledge Base, you’ll have access to our exclusive courses and content covering a range of knowledge management topics and you’ll test drive the features of a gamified learning portal.

You’ll discover:

The Value of Knowledge

Learn why knowledge is your business’s best asset -- and why delivering company knowledge verbally to prospects, customers, and employees leads to disorder and inefficiency. Uncover how to capture your knowledge and use it to grow and scale your business.

Knowledge Mapping

How do you protect, harness, and leverage the most precious asset of your business? You map it. Learn the science of knowledge mapping and explore tutorials about our proprietary software, the KMS.

Knowledge Transfer Programs

Discover the many ways the knowledge in your organization can be used to train employees, engage customers, improve your online presence, and sell your content online. Explore the three pillars that support every strategy.


Studies show that when the material is engaging, users learn and retain more. Experience first-hand how gamification motivates users and helps to reinforce their learning. In the Knowledge Base, you’ll not only learn the principles of gamification and see the research behind it; you’ll also get to try our gamified system for yourself.

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Key Features

In the Knowledge Base you can:

Confirm Your Learning

Each lesson is accompanied by a short quiz, so that you can reaffirm your comprehension and retain what you’ve learned.

Earn Rewards

With everything you learn, you’ll be able to earn points and badges that mark your progress toward becoming a knowledge management expert.

Track Your Progress

Watch how your learning translates into real achievement on your progress page.

Test-Drive Authica

Does gamified online education work? Experience the effectiveness of the Authica software first-hand in our engaging and informative online environment.

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